After-sales services
Arian Tejarat Shargh’s primary mission as one of the biggest manufacturers and providers of lighting and battery is to provide high-quality products and satisfy customers.
Arian Tejarat Shargh Company’s services are:
  • high-quality products
  • Responding to customers on time regarding warranty and returned products


Items that include warranty:


Burned lamp.


A sharp drop in light compared to the primary light (so that it is visible in comparison with a new lamp)


Separation of the base from the cover without any manipulation

 4 flickering

half burned lamp

Items that do not include warranty:


Lamps that have no problem.


Distortion of the production or expiration date indicated on the lamp or expiration of the warranty date.


Physical defects and mechanical damages, such as tampering with the lamp, and hitting different parts of the product, caused breakage or dents and holes in the body and other parts of the product.


Damages caused by use in non-standard environments such as extreme dust, acidic environments, closed enclosures, high humidity, etc..


Damages caused by electrical fluctuations

Note 1 : 1.If the warranty date is printed on the box, please keep it with you for exchange.

Note 2 : Arian Tejarat Shargh Company does not charge a fee for warranty services, and sellers do not have the right to receive a payment from the customer.

Product warranty period

The maximum period covered by the warranty service for CLEVER brand lamps is 24 months, and for LECKLER brand lamps is 18 months from the date of product purchase.

The product warranty expiration date is the end of the month printed on the product body.

How to provide warranty services and communicate with customers

Suppose the product includes a warranty following the stated conditions. In that case, customers can refer to the shops they have purchased the product, receive warranty services, and exchange the affected lamp by having the purchase invoice.