Manufacturing subsidiaries of Arian Tejarat Shargh Co

Considering the many years of activity of Arian Tejarat Shargh company regarding electronic and lighting equipment and the belief and importance of this company in creating employment in the country and valuing production work, it decided to take a step in 2019 by purchasing and building a factory to produce LED lamps. Effective in the production and localization of imported products.

Arian Tejarat Shargh company, relying on the knowledge of domestic experts and using the most up-to-date technologies in the world and fully automatic lines, as well as the use of parts from large companies such as Samsung, have been able to produce competitive products in the domestic and foreign fields.

The manufacturing company, a subsidiary of Arian Tejarat Shargh Company under the name of Hasti Electric Tara Company and the owner of the Clever brand, is currently producing various types of LED lamps and will soon add a wide range of products to its production.